The Isleham Angel

an2angel.gif.gifI am the neighbour of the Green Man, I am the Isleham Angel.

Like him I have been in the roof for 510 years.

I too was carved at the behest of Crystofer Peyton along with many other angels by a master carver whose name we will never know. But he knew of the old religion and myths and carved the GREEN MAN.

an3angel.gif.gifBut I am here to the glory of God, and I try to ignore the cheeky look on the Green Man’s face. He is of the old faith, while I have been guarding a shield with the Peyton coat of arms all that timeHigh in the roof of Isleham church it’s been cold, draughty and damp.Several years ago because of the damp, I tumbled to the ground and broke in two.

A clever carver mended me, and since then many copies have been made of my solemn face.
These have been sold to help fix holes in the roof, and now it is repaired, the real me is back up where I belong.

The Green man on the next beam over has been grinning and sticking his tongue out at me all that time.What does he expect me to do?

an4angel.gifStick my tongue out at him?
Maybe he thinks he is going to be as well known as me?

aybe he will, for many still believe in his positive powers in nature. So copies have been made of him. I don’t mind as long as it helps to preserve our wonderful heritage.I am here to the greater glory of God. and I am not going to demean myself by leering at that Green Man, however much he provokes me.

I will remain an inscrutable observer of all that goes on down in the nave.I’ll just ignore my neighbour and hang on very tight to make sure I don’t fall again.

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