The Making of the Mould

WHO - TN_Mould.jpgWe had been making and selling reproductions of the “Isleham Angel” to raise funds for the church since 1998, so it was decided to have a mould taken of our new found “Green Man”.

Not an easy task on a carving fixed firmly to its beam fifty feet above ground. First a silicone rubber layer was painted over the carving. The conservators eyed this with some suspicion until assured it would do no damage, then layer upon layer of plaster of Paris tape was applied leaving each layer to dry with many journeys up and down the ladders over a couple of days.

WHO - TN_plaster.jpgI then worked with a dental pick removing every trace of the silicone from every crack and worm hole of the original!

Now we have a mould, which has limited use, enabling us to make a limited number of wonderful authentic reproductions.

After cost recovery, profits from the sale of the Green Man will go to assist with the restoration of the Isleham Church.

Ian Powys


One comment

  1. Dear Sir:

    Do you have any Green Man copies left and if so, what do you charge for one?

    My great great granny was a Peyton descended from the Isleham Peytons and it would be fun to have something from Isleham.


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