The Peyton Green Man

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The Peyton Green Man is a genuine English Green Man, discovered in  2004, up in the rafters of the Isleham Church, next to the  Isleham Angel. The Green man was discovered high in the roof after the Isleham Angel tumbled from the rafters and had to be repaired and replaced.

Carved in 1495 AD

The Green Man was carved in 1495 for Crystofer Peyton or at least for his project to refurbish the Isleham Church and decorate it with angels and other symbols.

The Green Man is reincarnated with the seasons. That's why it has always been a part of life for those who understand its significance. The Green Man is the corn spirit and part of the eternal cycle of ploughing, sowing, harvest and the autumn slaughter of beasts.

It represents fertility, oneness with the soil and eternal life now co-existing peacefully with Christian beliefs and symbols.

How Did the Peyton Green Man Get There?

Just maybe one of the craft carvers, and there would have been a number working on this project for the Lord of the Manor, was not a  Christian, but of course would never have told anyone or he would not have got work.

So secretly at home he also carved the Greeen man, nothing unusual in that as it was a popular figure. But he carved it for a particular purpose and he knew where he was going to place it. To make his point he carved the Green Man with a cheeky look and sticking out  his tongue. 

Then the day before the scaffolding was due to come down he took the Green Man high into the roof and placed him just opposite one of the angels.  But as it was not an actual part of the planned decorations he had, with a few quick blows of a hammer, to fix it in place by driving  a spike through the Green Man's nose directly into the beam.

From the nave when Crystopher Peyton inspected the finished work he never saw it. Or just maybe the master carver was not paid for some of his work and decided to carry out some routine mischief. 

The truly unique gift or keepsake, especially for the person who has everything!

The Green man is

  • a carving only discovered for the first time last year
  • a high quality, genuine, limited edition copy of the real fifteenth century English Peyton Green Man,
  • of indisputable provenance a joyful, powerful, pagan symbol of fertility and resurrection entirely authentic – cheeky, stylish and smart now inaccessible, high in the roof of the Isleham Church, Cambridge, UK, and unlikely ever to be  reproduced in your lifetime
  • solid, cast in resin, weighing appoximately three pounds (1.2 kg), 10.5 inches (270mm) wide
  • suitable for display indoors or out.
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